The McAleese Analysis

The U.S. Military budget is the largest in the world, yet very few have the experience and insight necessary to interpret its effect on the nation's economy - let alone its effect on a single company's role in the defense marketplace. But Jim McAleese, expert defense industry analyst, is one of the few who every budget cycle releases The McAleese Analysis, a line-by-line assessment and opinion of defense-related budgets*. (New reports are also released throughout the budget process, allowing stakeholders to easily follow changes as they are made.)

The McAleese Analysis is no shoot-from-the-hip, Beltway pundit reaction to the Pentagon. It's the most thoroughly researched and deeply thoughtful guide to military budgets you'll find.

You'll be joining a devout following of stakeholders whose businesses rely on understanding exactly how the largest procurer of government contracts is going to spend its next dollar.

*In addition to analyzing Department of Defense (DoD)/Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/NASA budgets, Jim McAleese provides analyses and opinions of other DoD/DHS/NASA policy issues and program-related developments.